Tuesday, December 1, 2015

✖ 'Westside Fingers' Laser Engraved - Etched Glock Slide Cover Plates! ✖

Many have seen the laser etched or engraved Glock slide cover plates for our beloved Glocks, but what you have not seen, until now, is this custom design. A little bling for your Glock.

Be the first on your block to rock for your Glock hand gun one of these exclusive all aluminum Glock slide cover plates. You can get lots of other designs all over the web, but not this one, as this one is mine. Slide cover plate fits all models and is easily installed by you or a gunsmith in seconds.

Asking just $30.00 shipped USA* paid by discrete Paypal for this high quality aluminum - not cheap plastic - custom slide cover plate with silver engraving. Glock slide cover plate covers are shipped every business day by USPS generally within less than 24hrs of ordering. These are limited supply - first come first served. Only available through me, no one else can/will sell THIS custom design.


*please ask about international shipping rates

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photo Gallery... more to come

We have had many happy buyers so far. Here are a few photos of installed Westside Fingers Glock slide plates installed on various Glock models..

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yes, it fits your Glock

The slide plates on Glocks are a universal size and across all generations. So, it will fit yours no matter if you have a 23, 19, 26, 17, etc..

As well, here is a video that show you how to do it yourself in about 5 minutes.

NOTE: we are not responsible for any damage to you, anyone else, any property or your Glock due to use or install of this product. As well, of course, make sure the hand gun is not loaded. If your not sure how to install, have a gunsmith install it. If you buy this product, your agreeing to these terms.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Glock Slide Plate Basic FAQs

1. Will it fit my Glock?

Yes, it fits all models & all generations of Glocks.

2. Is it metal or plastic?

It is a high quality aluminum black plate. NO cheap plastic.

3. Can I get this elsewhere?

No, these are exclusive to us and only sold by me. You can get lots of other designs sold and resold by many distributos, but not this one.

4. Do you have other designs or do custom work?

No, at this time, I only do the Westside Fingers Glock slide plate and have no plans to do any custom requests. Sorry.

5. How do I install it?

They are very easy to install, it takes about 2 minutes at the most. You have to know how to remove your slide and have a working knowledge of your Glock. See the links above to a website that shows how to remove just the plate. Though it is easy to do, we are not responsible for any damage to you or your Glock or any property due to use or install of this product. If your not sure how to safely install it, have a gunsmith install it! If you buy this product, you agree to these terms. Be safe and be smart.

7. Are you affiliated with Glock?

No, this is just a cool part that is made just for Glock's.

8. Are you affiliated with a gang?

Ha ha ha, no.. nothing like that. It is just a bit of bling for your Glock.. nothing more, nothing less. I simply enjoy the music and west side - west coast - culture living in SoCal. Don't take it to serious or read into it to deep :)